Gregory Gordon

This story is part of our “Reach Your Potential” series, which features individuals from our Jobs Waiting TechHire program.

After graduating from Lincoln High School in Yonkers, Gregory Gordon began classes at Westchester Community College (WCC). He lasted less than a year.

“I wasn’t motivated then; I wasn’t thinking about my future,” admits Gordon, now 26. He began working in a series of what he calls “side hustles.”


“You know, delivery service, retail, moving companies. Gig jobs,” he says. These positions were mostly short-term jobs, with limited growth opportunities. He continued working side hustles until his son was born three years ago.

That changed everything. Being a father is a primary reason Gordon signed up for the Jobs Waiting program.

“I wanted to better myself, so I could provide for him. But I didn’t know how to do it. I needed help to prepare for job applications and interviews. I needed to meet people and make connections. I had drive, but I needed focus.”

Newfound focus

He found it with Jobs Waiting. The five-week career readiness boot camp provided the structure he needed. He put together his first resume. He participated in mock job interviews and learned why he needed to include a cover letter when sending his resume to potential employers.

Now, he has short-term and long-term goals. He’s enrolled in a three-month automotive tech program, funded by the program. The knowledge and skills he’ll gain will enable him to work alongside members of his family, who work in the industry. He’ll be gainfully employed and earning an income, allowing him to save money for college. Gordon plans on returning to WCC for two years, then applying to a four-year college to earn a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, and pursuing a career in software development and game design.

Those kinds of plans for the future are a far cry from side hustles. Gordon attributes his newfound focus to Jobs Waiting, which he says helped him grow as a person.

“I saw what everyone else was going through, and over the five weeks, I was able to develop leadership skills. My peers ended up electing me as class vice president. That felt really good!”

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