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How Funds for On-the-Job Training Help Employers Onboard New Hires

Today's tight labor market is challenging for employers who need to hire qualified workers for a record number of skilled job vacancies. And it’s not just finding them that’s a concern. Retaining employees in a competitive talent marketplace is a major priority for business leaders in 2018, according to recent workforce research.

Hudson Valley employers looking for highly motivated applicants who are ready to work need look no further than Jobs Waiting. Jobs Waiting not only provides you with highly motivated applicants, it also will fund, through its On-the-Job Training program (OJT), the onboarding and training of new hires with the skills they need to succeed. Additional support services from our job developers and career coaches are designed to boost retention as well.

Cash Benefits: Here’s How It Works

First, the employer hires the new employee(s). Then, Jobs Waiting works with employers to complete a contract with Westchester County. The good news is that only one contract is required no matter how many OJT participants are hired. The employer pays the employee’s wages during the onboarding period. After the training is completed and documented, a reimbursement is made to the employer.

Example: A healthcare organization that hires and onboards a Licensed Practical Nurse for six months at a salary of $25 per hour for 35 hours a week could receive the following cash benefits:

  • Employer with over 251 employees receives 50% wage reimbursement: $11,375
  • Employer with 51-250 employees receives 75% wage reimbursement: $17,063
  • Employer with 50 employees or fewer receives 90% wage reimbursement: $20,475


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What Employers Are Saying About OJT

Dr. Geraldine Petrosino of Smile Design Dental in Newburgh says the benefits are invaluable. The programs job developers helped her find qualified candidates, funds to try out a new employee for a few weeks, and additional funds to train the employee in her dental office’s practices and procedures over a six-month period. “Jobs Waiting has saved me time, money, and aggravation. There was virtually no financial risk. I’m very happy with the results, and hope I can continue to recruit from Jobs Waiting,” says Dr. Petrosino.

ENT & Allergy Associates (ENT), a major ear, nose, and throat allergy practice in the region, has taken advantage of OJT to train new hires in proprietary software, customer service training, and industry-specific skills, according to Eric Saidel, the company’s Director of Human Resources.
Diane M. Woolley, Chief Human Resource Officer at White Plains Hospital, applied for Jobs Waiting funds to offset the cost of training a group of existing employees to become Surgical Technicians with the expectation they would move into higher-level positions, and the hospital would hire new entry-level employees. Woolley says the program has not only helped help White Plains Hospital find and onboard new hires, but also create upward mobility—a key way to help retain current staff is to provide opportunities for them to gain additional skills and training.

Signing up for OJT is Easy as 1-2-3

To benefit from the financial incentives offered by Jobs Waiting, employers follow these three steps:

1. Businesses register at
2. After the Jobs Waiting team processes registration, the employer completes an online Business Training Application for OJT.
3. The Jobs Waiting team reviews and approves the application, and each time the employer hires a Jobs Waiting participant, a voucher will be issued to the employer that will indicate the total wage reimbursement to be made to the employer.

After the individual is hired, the employer is required to track the number of hours the employee worked and/or participated in training, and to submit invoices for payment.



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