Looking for a New BeginningNeed help in getting a good paying job? Want a path to a meaningful career? We’ve got good news!

You may be eligible to apply for Jobs Waiting, a federally-funded, regional job training program to prepare youth ages 17-29 for jobs in the Hudson Valley’s fastest-growing sectors:
• Advanced Manufacturing
• Biotechnology
• Healthcare
• Information Technology.

To register, get started by completing our eligibility questionnaire.

 Overcome obstacles

If you face challenges between you and a good job, there’s good news. Our team provides assistance so you can get the training you need to find the career that’s right for you. We’ll provide support if you need transportation, childcare, skills training, and more. Our program is designed to help you to succeed in the job market.
When you sign up for Jobs Waiting, you’ll receive specialized training and support services to help you gain confidence, polish your skills, and prepare you for careers.
More good news: Jobs Waiting candidates already have been hired to fill over 350 positions throughout the Hudson Valley.


Here’s how it works


Free Career Readiness Training

Jobs Waiting candidates are screened carefully for the chance to enroll in a free, four-week career readiness “boot camp,” held in locations throughout the Hudson Valley.
Each boot camp offers:
• Skills-assessment
• Career mapping and career readiness training
• Financial planning
• Resume writing and interview skills
• Seminar on how to use social media for professional advancement

PLUS: Opportunities to meet area employers and have real-world exposure to the job interview process.


Tuition Assistance

After completing the boot camp, you may choose to pursue specialized career paths, for example:
• Medical coding
• Lab technician
• Web developer
• Engineering technician
• Nursing
• Database management
and more —that require advanced training. The Jobs Waiting program provides federal tuition subsidies that may be applied for approved training providers including local educational institutions.

Personal Job Coach

Prior to the start of your boot camp, you will be assigned a career coach for the duration of your training and beyond. Your coach will help you to discover how your existing skills can be transferred to new careers. Following boot camp graduation, your coach will keep in touch and share targeted professional opportunities.


Connections to Employers

During each boot camp, we invite area employers to meet with you, share career advice, and participate in networking and recruitment opportunities. Jobs Waiting member employers  receive candidate resumes and give priority consideration to program graduates for their open positions.


Job Referrals and Placement Assistance

Our team’s professional job developers work closely with major employers throughout the Hudson Valley region to identify job vacancies. They will meet with you at career centers in participating counties to provide updates on employer trends and developments, and provide you with ongoing support in your job search.

Jobs Waiting is the best way to get into the workforce. Let us help you, today!


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