Mary Ann LonganoHere’s One Woman’s Story to Inspire You

After working at the same company for decades, changing careers was a daunting reality for Mary Ann Longano. She found herself out of work after being let go from Nabisco, where for 30 years she worked in word processing, marketing, and eventually, as a project manager in information technology. When the company made the decision to move her department overseas, she was laid off.

In the meantime, her family had moved from New Jersey to the Hudson Valley in New York and she had to find work.

Longano spent about eight months looking for a new position in information technology project management, all the while feeling overwhelmed about a creating new path for herself at age 52.

Then, she saw a flyer for Jobs Waiting, which offered job readiness training for careers in healthcare. After a fruitless eight-month search for a job in her field with no luck, and noticing the plethora of healthcare organizations and jobs available in the region, she signed up for the program.

“I decided I would find out what I could about healthcare as an industry and a potential career path, since I wasn’t having any luck with interviews, ” says Longano. “At that point,

my confidence was low and I didn’t have a resume. So, I figured, what did I have to lose?”


What she found out was that no matter in which area of healthcare one worked, the patient was at the center. And she liked that. “Whether you work in a clinical or non-clinical setting, I learned that working in healthcare means your focus is about getting patients what they need to be well,” says Longano.

She took advantage of every resource the Jobs Waiting program offered. With the support of her career coaches and boot camp instructor, she created an up-to-date resume and LinkedIn profile. She enrolled in online courses through MedCerts, paid for by Jobs Waiting, in electronic health records, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and medical administration. She attended job fairs held exclusively for Jobs Waiting graduates.

One year after losing her job at Nabisco, Longano was hired as a Customer Service Representative at Crystal Run Healthcare in Middletown, New York. She attributes her career reboot and transition to persistence, hard work, and support from Jobs Waiting.

“After the boot camp, my confidence was built back up,” notes Longano. “I learned so much about healthcare, and at the same time, I found out that the skills I built over my career at Nabisco were applicable to the healthcare industry. Jobs Waiting helped me to make that leap.”

To her fellow Jobs Waiting graduates who are seeking positions, Longano says “Do not give up! Keep attending job fairs and keep up the networking. Recruiters will remember you,” she points out. “And keep your resume updated, no matter where you end up. We all need to be prepared for change, at any time.”


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