Success Story: Maria Santander, Rockland County

New Job: Senior Budget Analyst, Nyack Hospital

Old Job: Finance director, stay-at-home mother

Biggest takeaway from Jobs Waiting: Be persistent

Maria Santander enjoyed her job as a finance director for a major fashion brand in New York City, but she wanted to take some time

off to focus on her family.

So in 2012, she quit. After about two years, she was ready to return to work, and she began what turned out to be an exhausting, two-year job search. She was hoping to return to the fashion industry, but saw how much retail had changed. 

“ had changed the face of retail,” she says. “I knew I needed to look elsewhere and brush up on my skills.”

 She stumbled upon Jobs Waiting, and enrolled in a boot camp. She says the program helped her gain a more positive outlook for her future, and opened her eyes to working in a sector she knew nothing about – healthcare.

She relished the opportunity to practice her interviewing skills in mock sessions with her fellow boot camp participants. She also appreciated the opportunity to renew her focus on her career goals: prior to completing the program, she was asked to make a list of what she wanted to accomplish.

She listed four very specific goals:

1. Refresh her skills in finance;
2. Become certified in healthcare management;
3. Volunteer in a healthcare setting to gain experience;
4. Get a job.

She enrolled in a ten-month advanced certification in healthcare management program at Dominican College (#2). While waiting for it to begin, she started a volunteer stint in the finance department at Nyack Hospital (#1 and #3). She analyzed financial reports for two months, while meeting staffers from across the hospital, including the CEO and CFO. Then, she was asked to interview for a job. She did, and accepted a position as a senior budget analyst at the hospital.

“I took care of my list!,” laughs Santander, who will complete her certification in spring 2018. “This program showed me a different path, and opened new doors for me. The whole team has been so supportive. I learned to stay positive, be persistent, and not lose hope.”



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