Success Story: Anthony Worrell, Sullivan County

New Job: Patient Care Technician, Catskill Dialysis

Old Job: Security guard, driver, nurse

Biggest takeaway from Jobs Waiting: How to get “unstuck”

Anthony Worrell was in a rut. Unemployed for over a year, he wasn’t getting any calls back from employers to whom he’d sent his resume.

His last job was driving for a major retail chain—a position he’d taken just to help make ends meet.

Yet, Worrell had credentials; he graduated from SUNY Albany with a degree in criminal justice. And he had experience. While attending college, he worked as a campus security guard, and as a licensed practical nurse, a job he continued to do after college, in a variety of medical settings including Albany Medical Center and Hanover Hospital. When he needed to provide child support for his girls, now ages four and seven, he took on jobs outside of nursing. Eventually, his licensure expired.

He wanted to change. “I was tired of having jobs that didn’t lead anywhere,” says Worrell. “I felt stuck. I wanted a career.”

On a spur-of-the-moment visit to the Sullivan County Department of Labor, he saw a sign for the boot camp offered by Jobs Waiting. He seized the moment and signed up. “My resume needed work and I thought my presentation needed some work.“

The Jobs Waiting boot camp helped Worrell to polish his presentation skills, he says. “I learned how to dress. I learned I shouldn’t chew gum when meeting an employer. I learned what to say in an interview. It made a difference.”

The boot camp also opened his eyes to a new occupational area within the healthcare industry—kidney care and dialysis. “I didn’t even know what dialysis was,” says Worrell. While enrolled in the boot camp, he researched the field extensively after hearing a presentation about career pathways within healthcare. Then his grandmother began treatments and the importance of dialysis hit home. “It was a whole new world—it’s own entity in healthcare.”

After graduating from his boot camp, Worrell interviewed at Catskill Dialysis, where he is now employed as a Patient Care Technician. He’s returning to college to obtain his Registered Nurse degree, supported financially by the Jobs Waiting program and his new employer. When asked how it feels to have the support, he says, ‘Amazing!’ 

“Someone told me during the boot camp, ‘You are uniquely awesome,’ and that really meant something. That helped me get unstuck,” he says. “Now, I’m back on my feet. I’m not just in a job now, I’m on a path toward something better.”



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