Antonio AmpilNew job: Financial control officer, AFC Urgent Care

Old job: Vice President, Citibank

Biggest takeaway from Jobs Waiting: Boosted confidence

After nearly 30 years in a demanding career in finance, Antonio Ampil was ready for a change. He was logging 70 hours a week as a Citibank executive in financial planning and analysis, covering the North American market.


He had precious little time for his wife, a managing director at Price Waterhouse, and his son, who has developmental disabilities requiring around-the-clock care. When he was offered an even larger territory to cover, he quit.

It turned out to be a life-saving decision.

With extra time on his hands, he made a long-overdue appointment to see his doctor, who immediately scheduled him for a double heart bypass surgery because of two fully blocked arteries. “My doctor was surprised I was even alive,” says Ampil, now fully recovered and in good health.

With a new lease on life, and the prospect of a new career, Ampil spent a year studying with the LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities) program at the Westchester Institute for Human Development. He was interested in a new career focus in healthcare, but found many of the jobs he learned of in disability advocacy required advanced degrees in social work. He learned about Jobs Waiting, and signed up to help him find his way on a new career path.

Ampil completed the boot camp, followed by a Healthcare Analytics course offered through the Westchester County Association and paid for by the Jobs Waiting program.

“The program was eye-opening for me,” says Ampil. “I found that my resume needed an upgrade. I sharpened my interview skills. The Jobs Waiting team also helped my modernize my LinkedIn profile and increase my network contacts to 500-plus!”

Ampil spent a few months attending Jobs Waiting-sponsored job fairs and following up on job leads obtained by the program’s job developers—many times, before they were ever posted to the public. The practice was invaluable, he says, because it helped him to show employers he was ready to be productively employed.

And now? Ampil was offered a job by an old contact of his who owns a franchise of AFC Urgent Care. The job is in the finance department, a perfect combination of Ampil’s skills and interest in healthcare. Sweetening the deal is the location—a few miles from home—and the chance to work at home, which enables him to spend more time caring for his son.

“I have this job because of a combination of factors: because my new boss is an old connection, and because of the professional preparation I had through Jobs Waiting,” says Ampil.

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