Success Story: Quentin Jacobs, Westchester County

New job: Certified Home Health Coder, VNS Westchester

Old job: Historical preservationist, stay-at-home father

Biggest takeaway from Jobs Waiting: Encouragement to keep going


Quentin Jacobs was a stay-at-home dad, caring for four children over 20 years, while his wife, Mary Jo Jacobs, pursued a career in the insurance industry. He knew that might pose a problem once he was ready to return to full-time employment, when the kids were independent.He believed he was an intelligent, well-qualified person, having earned his master’s degree in historic preservation at Columbia University, and worked for an engineering firm on an array of renovations in New York City, including the New York Stock Exchange.

But facts are facts. He was out of the workforce for a long time. Facing a stiff competition for jobs in historic preservation, Jacobs found temporary work as a substitute teacher. One day, he heard about Jobs Waiting. “It seemed like a very specific course of action to take to get back to work,” he says. “And it was very helpful in doing so.”

The first lesson he learned at Jobs Waiting was that there were a lot of people like him out there—highly educated and out of work. “It helped tremendously to know that I was not alone,” he says. He learned a great deal more, from how to update his resume and answer tough interview questions to how to pitch himself to an employer in two sentences or less.

Newly exposed to job opportunities in healthcare, Jacobs enrolled in a rigorous, ten-month medical billing and coding certification program at Pace University, where he learned medical terminology, and basic anatomy, physiology, and pathology. After he completed the program, the Jobs Waiting job development team assisted him with his search. He landed an interview, and then a job at VNS Westchester. He said the encouragement he received from his career coach, job developers, and fellow boot camp participants made a huge difference.

“Jobs Waiting helped me to get back on track,” he says. “Now I’m learning a lot every day, and very happy to be where I am.”



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